Are you looking for a friendly, experienced and well-qualified partner to help you in your travel planning and to ensure you feel good about your golfing holiday abroad?

You can be assured that all of the Sungolf staff have been to Belek and checked out all of the hotels and golf courses we offer, we provide first hand knowledge to help you decide the best arrangements that suit you and your fellow golfers.

We are in constant contact with our partners in Belek so as soon as promotions are offered we put them on the website.

Sungolf Belek staff are located in Antalya and Belek to help and advise you during the duration of your golfing holiday.

We have fully qualified guides employed to meet and greet at the airport as well as to advise of the many wonderful historic sites to visit and explore in the Belek and Antalya area.



Flights are never included in any of the holidays or golf competition weeks promoted on this website.

terms and conditions for competition golf weeks
A minimum number of golfers is required to ensure that a competition golf week will go ahead. The minimum number is determined by the date of each event, March requirement is 60 golfers. If the minimum number is not achieved then Sungolf Belek may determine that the competition may have to be cancelled or scaled down to make the event viable. It may become necessary to change the prize table being offered.
If the competition week is cancelled then alternative arrangements will be offered to any person who has already booked, these arrangements may include a change of venue or the ability to just have a none competitive golf week.

Non Competition Golf Weeks & Competition Weeks

Course closure due to inclement weather: In the unlikely event that the golf course is closed due to poor weather conditions an alternative day and time may be offered subject to availability. If an alternative game is not available written notice must be obtained from the golf course in order that a claim may be made against your travel insurance. Due to the highly subsidised rates offered by the hotel the cost of golf may be considerably lower than advertised at the club-house.

Cancellation: If for any reason you must cancel your holiday, written notification must be sent confirming cancellation. If you cancel before payment is made a £30.00 per person cancellation fee is required to cover the administration costs. If you cancel after payment has been made then an insurance claim must be made as no refund will be offered by the Sungolf Belek or Gloria Golf Resort Hotel.
It is a requirement that everyone attending the competition week must take out suitable travel insurance to cover cancellation, repatriation, medical costs and golf equipment.
Free flight reservation service is offered on the basis that the clients own credit / debit card is used to make the reservation.

Currency exchange rates. It may surprise you to learn that hotels and golf courses in Belek trade in the Euro. Your holiday is always quoted in £ sterling. It is sometimes necessary to make adjustments to the price quoted if there is a dramatic drop in the value of the pound. If changes are deemed necessary then the client will be informed of any changes and then the client must decide whether to proceed with the booking or cancel. Sungolf Belek withhold the right to cancel any pre-booked travel arrangements if the exchange rate drops to a level deemed to be detrimental to proceed.

Once an invoice is sent out and paid by the client then that price is fixed.